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Do you remember the Walker Texas Ranger and Chuck Norris? I had completely forgotten about him until yesterday, when he appeared in a old western movie, punching all the bad guys in the face as true hero. Its amazing how they always makes the bad guys look so ugly and unattractive, just like the bandits in the online scratch cards game Wild West at prime scratch cards! The story is usually about a huge amount of money and the bandits always know exactly how and where to find it. But in the movie, Chuck Norris will catch the bandits and bring back the money to whom they belong to. If you play bright future for online scratch cards Wild West at prime scratch cards, the bandits will help you find loads of money but it’s yours to keep in the end!! Sure Chuck Norris would be quite unhappy if he knew about that!

Wild West Designs


Wild West was one of the funniest games released during 2011 and it is certainly a great game for everyone that loves online scratch cards! It’s the kind of game that you can play forever and the characters are so ugly you can’t help laughing at them, especially when their ugly faces leads you to a fantastic cash prize no one would say no to winning! Prime scratch cards really knows how to create a game that has fun features, creative characters and loads of amazing cash prizes to resize your bank account with! This is the kind of characters that you won’t forget about in a game and it is also what makes this such a special and memorable game. Check out Wild West – Prime Scratch Cards.

New Scratch Card Releases

Online scratch cards must be one of the greatest inventions ever and if you really want to experience scratch cards of top quality prime scratch cards is the place to do it! Imagine three crazy musketeers hiding in trash bins hoping to get caught, and if you manage to catch them together all at once a fine jackpot prize will be waiting for you! These are not any regular musketeers, these are three crazy cats with enormous smiles just wishing to be released from the trash can! Now these were memorable characters that we saw on prime scratch cards last year, I really wonder what great surprises prime Online scratch cards help you have in storage for all of us online scratch cards lover this year? I am full of anticipation to see all the wonderful and entertaining online scratch cards that will be released 2012, I have a feeling it is going to be great year!