Good Bye 2011 and Welcome 2012

So we have entered a new year and said good bye to last year´s adventures and events that made last year very special in so many ways. We will continue from where we stopped a few days ago and finish up the summary of prime scratch cards fantastic and memorable year during 2011! June is the month when you really feel that summer is on your doorstep and it is time to enjoy sunny beaches with an umbrella cocktail in your hand! Prime scratch cards has online scratch cards that are perfect for getting you into the right spirit even if it is a bit rainy outside. How about the games Sky of Love or Sea and Sun, both are perfect options to cheer you up on, unfortunately, one of the very common rainy days we experience in this part of the world.

Prime scratch cards celebrated the release of their 100th game on the 4th of June and they celebrated that by offering £100 to everyone in guaranteed bonus cash! Now that was something pretty amazing and very generous of them. I really enjoyed a game that was released in July, Flowers of Spring is full of colours and fun features and I love playing online scratch cards that are playful and made with spectacular graphics just like in this Commercial brakes on TV! I especially like that cuddly and cute beaver looking thing called Wild that help you throughout the game. If you also thought that the beaver is cute then you can´t have missed the most adorable little creature ever, the Sudoku Panda! His eyes are big and blue and he is friendlier than most pandas. Prime scratch cards truly knows what ingredients will make up for a great and entertaining game that most online scratch cards lover will enjoy and play over and over again! I know because I spent many hours playing during my summer holidays from the university!

Speaking of ingredients for a great game, Alfredo was released in the end of September and that is a online scratch cards game full of flavours suitable to most taste buds! Another game full of flavour is Elvis forever, these online scratch cards are great fun and you get to enjoy all your favourite hits from the great King of Rock´n Roll!! So we are reaching the end of 2011 and the end of the summary of some of the fantastic games that were released and promoted by prime scratch cards. Prime scratch cards surprised us again with an amazing promotion to celebrate the end of this year. The last big winner of 2011 and the first big winner of 2012 will be rewarded with a very special  prize, including an exclusive interview, photo session and much more!! Are you one of the the lucky winners maybe??